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Android phones consist of an ever-growing number of phones. This is emerging to be a serious contender in the fight of securing domination in the market. Coming into the fight late is always not a good idea because it will always be an uphill struggle. Once the hardware is good, the customers will pay close attention to the Apps. This article will offer a guide on how an Android App can be tested.


Before releasing an App the developer should ensure that their App is as defect-free as possible. There are many defects that can be found and could easily be found if the App was tested before rushing to release it out. This is despite the fact that Android App can be updated and re-released in a quick way. The effect of a user leaving negative comments against an App can determine whether or not an App will be successful or not. The first rule of apps testingto test early and get the App tested before releasing it to the users. The test should be carried out by a professional App tester.


Through a search on Google, a person can find many companies which are offering very cheap Android App testing. These searches are performed through simulators and not real devices. The simulators are web browsers created with the same size as the Android phone screen. This may seem to be a good test of your Android App but it cannot be able to check the memory usage, CPU usage, battery usage, network disconnects and signal strength. There are companies which state that a person can test on a real device through the web. Viewing an App through a web interface, it is not the same as the testing of a real device. In some cases, Apps crash and this cannot be detected by a simulator. When a person is choosing an Android App testing company, he or she should check that real devices are used. To understand more about app testing, visit


The usability of an App is an important and overlooked area. Everything may be functioning perfectly but the experience of the user should be considered. If it is not easy to use or navigate and the workflow is not right, the user will drop the App and go for other Apps from competitors. Usability testing is software testing that is common and a good Android App testing should be able to offer this service. Usability testing includes creating typical user scenarios and playing them while testing the App. Get more info here